Dr. Tanner and Staff,
I imagine that often you see patients for a surgery, never to see or hear from them again. I wanted to thank you for such a terrific job done for me. I'd been told by others that the wisdom tooth extraction would be difficult and would likely break through to my sinus cavity. I was also nervous since I always get nauseous under anesthesia. Well praise God and praise you for such an amazing job! I had no problems at all! Thank you so much for the good work you do!


Dear Dr. Tanner,
It is my opinion that too much goes unsaid in this great world of ours. And, much said, would have been better silenced at the outset. We so often disagree, find fault and criticize and so rarely say a simple "Thank you".

So, I am writing to say, "Thank you". Thank you for "being there". Thank you for taking the time to be an excellent dentist and physician. Thank you for studying human nature and it's needs. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to educate yourself and perfect your trade.

You surely understand my "dread" at actually sitting in a dentist's chair, and saying, "OK. l'm ready for the pain". Very hard for me to do. And then to find, it was not difficult, there was no pain, and I managed to live through it. What a surprise ! And to walk up to the counter, ready to write the check and having it be reasonable. Another surprise!

And then, the piece 'de resistance, to pick up the phone the next evening— a "Saturday. evening" — when NO One is working, and find it my new dentist, just phoning to see how I'm getting along and reminding me to be sure and rinse with the salt-water, as it is so important — and actually taking the time to CARE. No doctor or dentist has ever bothered to call me and inquire if I was doing OK. Now, you surely must understand my surprise at the whole experience.

So, thank you again.
L. H.

Dr. Tanner: Thank you for taking all the bad infection away so that I will be in better health and have a pretty smile. Great job! Thank you! I am very glad there are people like you who care.


Dr. Call: I want to thank you for the Excellent job you did. You were a God sent from Heaven the way you told me every step you were taking before pulling the tooth. Your hands are like gold. I had no bleeding after I took the gauze out. Thank you for letting my daughter stay in the room with me until it was time to pull it. I called (my dentist) office to tell him you were the best and I was very happy he sent me to you. May God Bless the wonderful staff you have. God Bless You!


Dear Dr. Tanner and Staff,
I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did. From the extractions to the implants (which you completed last year) and I now have my bridge and am able to chew and eat again on both sides. Thanks Again,


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